Christopher P. N. Maselli

Christopher P. N. Maselli

I never imagined I’d be a children’s author!

My name is Christopher Maselli and 18 years ago, I was completely green. Graduating from college with a business degree, I had plans to work at the Federal Reserve crunching numbers all day long. But apparently, God had a different idea.

Perhaps you are like me; while I spent my days with the mundane task of learning financial accounting, during my “off time,” I loved to write. I wrote short stories of adventure, action, romance, drama—anything I fancied. Then one day I entered a school newspaper contest on a fluke and won—and not only was my short story published, but as the winner, I won the ability to write the column bi-weekly. It was fun for me (even if no one else read it!) and the newspaper staff just liked having the space filled.

Little did I know the difference that contest would make to my life.

Two years later, as I headed down my Management career path, I heard an ad on the radio from a non-profit organization looking for a researcher. I applied for the position in their editorial department, sending along a stack of my short stories. No one was more surprised than me when I was offered the $10/hour position.

Shortly, I learned the publishing director wanted to include a “kids’ page” in their magazine—something with “a short story and comic,” she said. Since no one else in Editorial wanted the “menial” work, it fell to me. That day, my passion for writing for children was born. I discovered I could write comics and mysteries and games for a living. And I ate it up.

I started studying writing for children with a passion. I learned how to write—really write—by attending writer’s conferences and talking to successful professional writers and editors and finding out what made them tick.

My research paid off, and the organization’s children’s division became so popular that they asked me to write an entire international magazine for kids (by myself!), which won awards that opened doors to creating activity books, video scripts, comics and…my first middle-grade novel.

I made a lot of mistakes as I learned about plotting and characters, but 11 novels later, I gained the confidence to approach larger publishers with works containing my own characters. It was like starting from scratch again–this time without the backing of an organization–but those contacts paid off and before I knew it, I was being whisked to publishing houses to help them design their children’s product lines.

And I kept learning. And I kept writing.

Suddenly I found myself teaching at the writer’s conferences I once attended as a new, young writer, and I found myself identifying with the students who asked me what they should do to write their novel and get published.

Today, 40 published works and a Masters degree later, I know I have so much left to learn, but I also know I have something I want to share: The knowledge I’ve learned, so other “green” writers don’t have to go through the struggles I endured along the way. And that’s what the Children’s Writing Super System is all about.


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