They learned how to write children’s books and get them published…you can, too!

The following are real reviews of the material presented in Christopher Maselli’s Children’s Writing Super System.

“I appreciate your teaching on the submission process, which has taught me how to layout my picture books and format young adult novels in a creative, marketable way. Your teaching gave me the confidence to submit several manuscripts to publishers, and I’m now being considered for publication in a magazine distributed to readers around the world. Thank you for helping me go further in my writing.”
– Christine, Fort Worth, Texas

“Chris’ talent for writing to the younger set is shear genius.”
– Ron, Editor, Voice of Victory magazine

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me and for the wealth of information. It is truly amazing how much more I know now than when I first [heard your teachings.]”
– Bette, Burlingame, Kansas

“Wow—so much to absorb and apply! Thank you for your insight and sharing your talents.”
– Nancy, Hobbs, New Mexico

“Thank you for all the work that you put into the course. This has been a good week for me. I got an editor interested in my [Bible devotions], and another for my completed picture book. The latter gives me confidence to continue writing these picture books. Fortunately I have a mentor!”
–Laurie, Alberta, Canada

“His enthusiasm is contagious.”

“I would like to say ‘thank you’ for teaching on writing for children and tweens. I especially appreciated your graciousness in sharing your award-winning book proposal format so openly. That was a lesson in itself; you’re helping writers become the best they can be!”
–Theresa, Rapid City, South Dakota

“I learned so much! Thank you for being willing to give of your time and talents in this way.”
–Wendy, Beaumont, Texas

“Thank you so much! I learned so much! The plotting was the best part. I will definitely use your format.”
–Kathryn, Haysville, Kansas

“Thank you for your willingness to teach and for being so down-to-earth. I’ve learned so much!”
–Linda, Texas

“Your advice has been invaluable. Thank you for your encouragement and wisdom.”
–Anita, New Mexico

“Chris’ words encouraged me to press on.”

“Thank you so much for your research tips. You have saved me hours of research! Thanks so much for your investment.”
–Joyce, New Mexico

“Thanks so much for the wonderful workshops. You really packed a ton of info into each one. I’m inspired and hope to use all that I learned as I write.”
–Sharon, Mesquite, Texas

“How could an accomplished, together, successful author and creator have space in their busy career for a greener-than-novice writer with no genre, no main character, no plot!? I will be following all your publications. I’m beginning with a new plan for my book. Thank you!”
–Gay, New Mexico

“Thank you for the generousity and clarity with which you teach writing for children. I learned so much and I look forward to putting into practice many of your techniques.”
–Tracy, Valencia, California

“The land of writing and publishing can be very confusing. Classes like yours help the lost (me!) immensely.”
–Sue, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Wow. Lots of work went into this and it was obvious.”


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The Complete Children’s Writing Super System
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