Discover the keys to writing children’s books…successfully.

The following sessions are ALL included in the Children’s Writer’s Super System–giving you the tools you need to become a successful children’s author. This isn’t some compilation of textbook resources I put together to make a buck on the Internet. This is me, sitting at my computer, recording a series of original talks from my experience and education,  exclusively for serious children’s writers like you–writers who want to be the best they can be.

gets real

Here’s what’s inside, broken down by session:

Session 1: Introduction

  • How I started writing for children
  • The part risk plays in becoming a children’s writer
  • How continuing education strengthens your craft
  • Is it possible to make a living only writing children’s books?
  • Why do you want to be a children’s writer?
  • A brief look at everything included in the Children’s Writing Super System
  • A look at what part faith plays in becoming a writer

Session 2: Great Opportunities for Children’s Writers

  • Specifics on standard book formats for Board Books, Picture Books, Chapter Books Middle Grade Books, Young Adult Books and Graphic Novels
  • A look at publishing opportunities for children’s writers
  • Why submissions to children’s magazines can be more financially rewarding than writing books–and reach more people
  • A look at what many are calling the “next big thing” in children’s literature
  • Powerful recommendations for reading to establish yourself in your genre

Session 3: Super Story Structure

  • How to create a Picture Book Dummies
  • Why you don’t need to find an illustrator for your Picture Book
  • How to discover your best idea with an Idea Splat
  • How to create a novel with a strong Three-Act Structure
  • The key to successful subplots
  • Three different types of outlining that minimize your writing time
  • How to build strong characters through Character Triangles

Session 4: Understanding the Modern Child

  • Learn statistics about children that will affect what you choose to write
  • How engaging with children increases your writing ability
  • The Top 10 Fears of Children and how they fit into Story Structure
  • The Top Concerns of Parents
  • A 20 Question Litmus Test by a Large Publisher
  • Trends in Publishing and how to make your book stand out

Session 5: Common Children’s Book Blunders

  • Basic book blunders most children’s writers make
  • How to avoid faux pas when building your characters
  • How to create the strongest beginning, middle and end to your story
  • How to create Story Structure that will not fail

Session 6: The Business of Writing

  • An in-depth look at the Children’s Publishing Process
  • How to tailor your book to fit with a publisher’s strategy
  • How to successfully work with an editor
  • What the Product Development Team, Publishing Board, Contract Team and Marketing do
  • A look at successful Contracts
  • Understanding Rights, Advances and Royalties
  • Should you get an agent?
  • The power of networking

Session 7: One Sheets, Queries and Cover Letters

  • How to gain an edge over the competition and avoid the slush pile
  • The steps to successful pitching by mail
  • How to create a Query Letters that will get your book noticed
  • How to write compelling Cover Letters
  • Secrets to Pitching in Person
  • How to Creating a One Sheet that grabs an editor and won’t let go

Session 8: Proposals with Pizazz!

  • How to create a killer children’s book proposal using an award-winning format
  • A step-by-step guide to writing a proposal that becomes an editor’s invaluable tool
  • How to develop a character synopsis
  • How to participate in the marketing of your own book, regardless of your publisher’s guidelines
  • Create a Chapter-by-Chapter Outline that shows your ability to create strong story structure

Session 9: Conclusion

  • My own, personal writing routine
  • An introduction to Self-Marketing
  • Rewriting and Editing
  • The secret to writing a truly compelling children’s book
  • The two things most children’s writers never do


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